A beautiful Balinese woman dressed in traditional clothing kneels in wajrasana (welcome) with graceful poise. Wayan Kandiyasa sculpts her vivid image from sandstone as he shares Balinese customs throu...
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This heartfelt sign treasures the safe haven that is home. Mexico's Andres Cuevas designs the steel wall sign, which is crafted with a rustic, weathered appearance that includes welding marks.
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Illuminated by the sun, a cluster of houses with red tile roofs nestles beneath shade trees. Maria Estela Perlera de Portillo shares images of El Salvador in this delightful picture frame. Crafted and...
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Millenary beliefs and customs inspire the work of master carver Robert Nortey. He draws inspiration from Ashanti traditions, who seek to communicate with lost relatives. The brafiey mask (meaning come...
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From Rawikan's Home Story series, this vibrant composition is inspired by memories of a summer holiday spent at home. I was very happy and busy with many activities such as watching movies, listening ...
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Fascinated by Thailand's ancestral buildings, Pirot Gitikoon carves a faithful replica of a Buddhist temple, known as a vihara... Carved of teakwood by hand, the miniature temple is intended to become...
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Det evokes a relaxed, tranquil mood when he create this watercolor monoprint in blue, purple and green hues. The underlying theme in 'My Home' series is that the environment around me is as warm as my...
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Always mindful of the ecology, Ivo Luksic designs a colorful set of six coasters. The squares feature rich shades of green and are crafted from recycled plastic. The recycled holder is created from Te...
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The table is set, the candles are burning while everyone makes their way back home for dinner. A bird-like image seems to guard this happy home as it symbolizes all of nature's gifts in this original ...
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Leoncio Tinoco offers a unique view of a family returning home as he sits on the threshold of the door in the house opposite. Painting with oils, his attention to detail is admirable as he creates a c...
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